Statutory Covers

We tailor our service and programmes to your specific requirements, although within the UK certain Statutory requirements are placed on the purchase of insurance;

Employers’ Liability
A requirement by law, your Employers’ Liability insurance will cover your legal and compensation costs should a member of your staff believe they have been injured whilst working for you as a result of your negligence. Even if you’re not at fault, the legal and compensation costs of defending your business against an employers’ liability claim could significantly damage your business. Our team will work with you to ensure your business is protected.

Motor Fleet
It is compulsory to insure all company or business vehicles for third party injury liability. Our Motor Fleet placements provide comprehensive and flexible cover for your business for small to large operated fleets giving total protection and control over your operations. We can help you meet your legal obligations, reduce costs, save time and minimise the risks associated with running your fleet.

Engineering Inspection
Inspections are an essential aspect of ensuring the safety of your plant and machinery. Specific regulations (e.g. LOLER and COSHH) prescribe default minimum frequencies for specific types of inspection (called thorough examinations). We choose Insurers who deliver leading technical expertise via agreed service standards and a demonstration of an ability to deliver a dedication to understanding your business - using the latest technology - with the result of creating trust.

The regulatory requirements in territories outside the UK differ and we advise our clients accordingly as required.