Multi Territory Programmes

Our multinational insurance programmes aren’t just for major international corporations, but for any business - even those with a single operation overseas.

We know from experience that multinational companies come in all shapes and sizes so we tailor our service and programmes to meet your specific requirements.

Different jurisdictions present multinational organisations with a host of regulatory obligations.
Our service offers consistency and support through coordinated integrated insurance and risk management solutions - from regulations governing foreign subsidiaries, to the use of non-admitted insurers.

Navigating through this uncertain environment is proving to be more challenging for clients than ever before.
Seeing exactly what covers are in place in different countries, helps achieve consistency of coverage and gives you the security of knowing a licensed Insurer is providing the appropriate insurance in each territory.

Peace of mind.
Our capabilities range from placing a full comprehensive multi territory programmes to co-ordinating local statutory or infill coverage’s such as directors and officers, property and casualty risks, terrorism, engineering inspection, fleet, business travel accident, to name but a few.

Our clients benefit from our strong relationships with leading specialist global Insurers.
Our service provides greater coordination, consistency and control over your insurance arrangements and risk management and always remains focused on your individualised global and local servicing, documentation and claims requirements.