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Buying the Talisman policy was an incredibly easy and financially sensible decision. The policy gives me extra peace of mind in today’s increasingly litigious environment.

Luxembourg Independent Director working in the financial industry with more than 38 years' experience.

The Talisman team not only understands the complexity of my professional life but the constantly changing exposures that I may face. It is reassuring to partner with such business professionals who can deliver a suitable insurance solution and support me through the year.

Luxembourg Independent Fund Director since 2013 and with over 24 years of funds experience.

In theory, a director should have a Group D&O policy written in to all his/her agreements. Whilst a Group D&O policy should give me protection, we cannot know if this is going to be true for all situations and in all locations where the Group may have an exposure. For additional peace of mind and support I chose to purchase the Talisman Individual Executive Protection Policy. It's reassuring to know that I'd have a trusted advisor and policy protection immediately available for my personal use should an incident or potential claim occur. I have not only bought a policy that complements my Group policy, but I've given myself additional confidence and financial support knowing that legal costs could be advanced in case of litigation and I would get independent advice for my personal situation. In doing so, the Talisman support would allow me to continue to manage my other mandates or business interests, and not expend all my energies on D&O issues.

Independent, non-executive director since 2014 with over 20 years of professional experience in the Corporate and Fund industry.

It's a professional "no-brainer". I can offset the cost of the Talisman individual policy against my income within my tax return whilst protecting myself, my family and my general finances. It's a win-win arrangement.

Luxembourg Independent Director working in the regulated and unregulated fund industry with more than 25 years' experience.

I was put in a very difficult situation as an independent director of a Luxembourg holding company structure. A debt covenant driven financial restructuring of a major PE owned group left me in a situation where I had to "act in the interests of the company" but the decisions I made could have been contradictory to the shareholders’ interests - the shareholder controlled the Corporate D&O policy that was in place!
It was very clear that my potential exposure to a damaging litigation suit, through no fault of my own, was significant and showed that such threats can arise from a completely unexpected situation. Thankfully, the issue was resolved but it was obvious that I had to find a solution to potential future problems and safeguard myself and family by having access to an appropriate D&O insurance policy that was in my complete personal control.
The Talisman team created the insurance solution as a result of my experience. The policy is complementary to the corporate D&O policies purchased by my PE/RE and AIF Fund clients and is my personal emergency support service if a potential lawsuit emerges again.

Luxembourg Director working independently in the PE/RE and AIF Fund space for over 10 years.