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The Talisman Individual Executive Protection (TIEP) policy has been developed specifically for the personal protection of Ireland, directors, executive directors or independent non-executive directors and officers, should a claim arise.

As a professional executive in Ireland, you face an ever increasing number of regulatory and professional legal liability exposures. It may not be clear if you have insurance protection for the various entities with which you’re involved.

The instructing parent company or entity may have a traditional Directors and Officers (D&O) management liability policy in place, but it may be inadequate and may not support you should a personal liability situation arise.

TIEP was created after Talisman identified a specific need in the Ireland market:

  1. It is designed to complement your entity D&O policy, not replace it.
  2. It gives you an instant response and flexible support, to help you through the immediate impact of any issue.
  3. Ireland compliant and subject to Irish Law.
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